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Social Security benefits are meant to replace, in part, earnings lost to an individual or family because of retirement, disability or death. Social Security Disability is one type of benefit payable to a sick or injured claimant. A disabled Claimant is entitled to monthly cash benefits beginning with the first month certain conditions are met.

These conditions are:

1) you must be under a disability as defined by the Government

2) you must have filed an application for disabled worker's benefits

3) you must have disability insured status

4) you must have completed a 5 month waiting period or be exempted and

5) you must not have reached age 65.

If your claim is denied for any of these five grounds you should have the advice and assistance of an attorney. A formal hearing should be scheduled to appeal any denial of your claim. Any appeal notice must be filed within 60days of a denial of your claim. I can assist you throughout the entire administrative process and can help you collect the data and evidence necessary to prove your claim. Fees for these services are collected at the time you receive your settlement which may include an award of any back benefits to which you are entitled.

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